The software engineering guidelines shall support DLR scientists to find out the status of their developed software and to improve it with regard to good software development and documentation practice. The focus of the guidelines is on retaining knowledge and supporting sustainable software development in research.

The guidelines give advice in different fields of software development (e.g., requirements management, design and implementation, change management). To make it easy to start with them, we developed a simple classification scheme taking aspects into account like expected software size or software lifetime. This scheme is useful to filter the guidelines and to fit them to the right context.

We publish these guidelines to support the general discussion about good software development practice in research.

Version 1.0.0

This is the initial public release:

  • English language version: HTML, PDF

  • German language version: HTML, PDF


Checklists are provided to support the usage of the guidelines in practice.

In the following, we list related guides for supporting researchers in context of software development. If you know about others, please let us know.